4 Simple Steps to Get a Conversation Started

If you have always felt anxious to talk to people then it is important to learn the art of socializing and meeting new people. This is a great way to add value, perspective and diversity in to your life. It can be daunting to talk to people at first, but once you move past that initial fear and get to know the person more, you will be glad that you gathered the courage to do it. Initially you’d want to have a conversation with someone who is friendly and open and makes eye contact with you. Here are a few steps that you can take to get started to make yourself comfortable around people.

Talk to New People

One of the most difficult things about talking to new people is how to start a conversation. It is important to find a common ground to talk about so that both will have something to contribute to the conversation. For example; if you are at the line of a coffee shop waiting for your order, then you could strike up a conversation with the person in front of you.  You could simply ask what they think is a good recommendation for coffee? Or perhaps you could talk about how the weather is. Of course, if they respond in a friendly or favourable way, you can continue the conversation. Having conversations with a person directly can be more daunting than live chat on website for most people. Don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone and try out challenging tasks.

Approaching Someone You Know

In contrast, you may want to talk to someone you already know but you don’t know how to start the conversation or break the ice. An effective way to get started is to ask something about themselves. A question is typically a great way to get the conversation rolling. For example if you want to have a chat with a colleague at the cafeteria then ask him or her how their weekend was? Or if it is a new neighbour, ask her how they are adjusting to the new neighbourhood or if they need any recommendations with a new place to eat for example.

Keeping It Simple Wins the Game

Sometimes a great conversation starter is a simple hi or how are you. Most often the person reciprocating will carry on the conversation and keep it going. Otherwise you can make a statement about yourself too depending on the situation. So next time in gym, you could say how sore you are going to be the next day to the person working out next to you. This will usually make the other person respond.

Understand When Not To Talk

It is good to know when not to talk too. Avoid talking to people who are already in conversation with another person or who look busy or pre-occupied. They will usually respond in a rude or hostile manner. Similarly, if someone has their ears plugged or are reading a book, it is often a cue that they would like to be silent or want to be disturbed.

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