Best Gifts To Give Your Partner Based On Your Relationship Status

During essential occasions and events, it has been a norm where couples give their partners a gift to commemorate the day and to show their adoration. However, in reality, some people tend to validate their relationship based on what they receive. When in fact, determining the value of the relationship is not based on how much the gift cost, or its size and shape. What counts is the effort and time you have spent in preparing a surprise for your special someone.

And sometimes, not giving much attention to the gifts you give to your loved shows a part of your subconscious mind on how you value your relationship and your partner. So to provide you with an overview of what gift should be given based on the stage of your current relationship, read on.

If The Feeling Is Mutual…

The best gift to give if your feelings are mutual but haven’t decided to officially date is a simple pendant or a stud silver earring. It may not be too fancy, but it shows that you’re sincere and willing to take the relationship into the next level.

If Officially Dating…

It is the stage where you can go all out with your romantic gestures to your special someone. It is the stage where you know some of his or her whims, which is a lot easier to choose a gift. To commemorate this stage, giving your special someone with jewellery with symbols or designs that he or she likes the best gift that you can provide. It is sentimental yet appreciative. Make sure that this gift is something he or she can wear always.

If Making It Legal…

You’re happy because finally, you’re officially dating. Probably, a lot of close family and friends wants to get to know the person who always put the smile in your face and the glow in your aura. To commemorate this moment, give your special someone something she or he can wear on the first time you will be introducing your lover to the relevant people of your life. It can be a fancy bracelet, a necklace or couple watch.

If You Want To Pop The Question…

If you’re certain that you want to spend your life with your partner, the best gift you can give of course is an engagement ring. But what kind of engagement ring? When you shop for an engagement ring, you should know what’s her style, the type of jewellery she wears every day and your budget. It will help you narrow down your options to one single ring that would make the day of your proposal meaningful and unforgettable. Just make sure that you buy the right size, and purchase it from reputable jewellery stores in Cranbourne to ensure its quality and authenticity. That is because not all jewellery stores provide certificate the will certify the genuineness of the jewellery you purchased.

These are the type of gifts you should be giving to your special someone in terms of the stage of your relationship. Giving a gift is not voluntarily and does not have to be costly. However, you should think of how practical your gift will be to your partner.

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