Facts about Stripping that Might Surprise You

When the word stripper is mentioned, the image of a dingy bar enclosed in smoke with headache-inducing lights and men ogling dancing ladies clad in skimpy lingerie and fishnet stockings comes to mind. This is the stereotype. Blame it on movies or novels that constantly depict strippers as these and not as professionals doing stripping for extra income or students in pursuit of a college degree or trained dancers wanting to make a career out of dancing.

The idea of strippers performing “extra work” is also a wrong notion. And if this is how you regard strippers, the below list should clarify some misconceptions you might have about strippers.

Knowing One is Common

Since stripping is a lucrative career, chances are you know someone who is part of the exotic dance industry since 60% of strippers do these as a sideline. And 14% of these are from the education sector. So, the possibility of your colleague doing stripping on the side is high. 86% of a survey respondent also considers stripping as a legitimate profession and it is not something to be embarrassed about as opposed to in the past.

Stripping is a Gateway Profession

Since striping involves a lot of dancing, dancers see it as a gateway profession to become professional dancers. Case in point some of the most famous celebrities who first got a taste of the spotlight by being strippers. Among the best exotic dancers are Perth Strippers who really take the time to practice their dance numbers and are able to flawlessly entertain their guests.

Stripping is not a Profession for Desperate People

Society often thinks that people who work in the sex industry are desperate and with no other option for a livelihood and that they’re lonely, damaged, abused or those with a difficult childhood or grew up in a broken family. This is not the case. Actually, strippers are among those workers who have a high job satisfaction rate and are definitely enjoying their profession.

Strippers do Date Their Clients

One in five female strippers has dated their clients while three in four male strippers dated theirs. Why is the percentage higher with male strippers as opposed to females? Perhaps, the reason for this is there are still clients who cross the lines when it comes to behaving properly and female strippers are more cautious and wary when it comes to dating clients in fear of being disrespected and abused.

Some Strippers are in Committed Relationships

You might be surprised to know that some strippers are actually married, and some are in committed loving relationships. Strippers do have significant others and as long as they view stripping as a profession, the relationship is as normal as the relationships you see in movies and TV shows.

They would Recommend the Job to a Friend

Strippers are not hesitant to recommend stripping to a friend because of the perks of the profession. Eight out of nine would encourage a friend to try it since they enjoy doing it; they also want to experience it with a friend.

Strippers know their profession is heavily stigmatized and they are viewed as immoral. But the truth is they are industrious individuals just trying to lead normal lives without the possibility of being harshly judged just because of what they do for a living.

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