Fashion Trends for the Tropics

Planning on travelling to the tropics anytime soon? If your answer is an excited yes, it is perhaps time to get excited about doing some shopping for the tropics too. It is important to understand that your clothing will go a long way in contributing to how you actually feel physically and emotionally as well and that it has a great deal to do with your well-being and confidence. Therefore if you are going to shop till you drop here are some helpful tips on how you should choose your clothing that will definitely make you look and feel drop dead gorgeous.

The Right Fabric

One of the main things that you should think about is the kind of fabric that you want to wear in the tropics. Because it is sure to be hot and humid you should definitely avoid anything that is heavy and woollen. Cotton, linen, polyester blends are perfect along with flowy materials that will not cling to your body like satin mixes, chiffon or georgette. The materials do not have to be as breathable as cotton if at least they do not cling to you and leave no room for the sweat to evaporate. Always make sure that unless you are going to be in an air-conditioned space you do not wear anything like spandex and Velcro that will stick to you and be heavyweight as well.

The Types of Clothing

Now that you know what kinds of fabric are the right ones, it is time to think about the types of clothing that you will be wearing. Shop online for items like silk summer dresses Australia, shorts, baggy shirts and t-shirts and lightweight sundresses and jumpsuits. If you can wear skirts without an issue you should go for those too. Also keep in mind that you will have to buy according to the itinerary that you have planned and the destination that you will be going to. For example, if it is going to be a lot of beach time you should buy some good swimwear. If it is going to be some trekking and hiking you should then buy hardy outfits that will keep you cool and will give you enough skin protection too.

The Right Colours

There is no such thing as a wrong colour that you could use to wear except that colours with black tones like charcoal and navy blue or midnight might trap in a little bit of heat inside and make you feel warmer. If you are alright with this then you have nothing to worry about really. The more vibrant the colours are the better so to speak, if you are going with the vivacious spirit of the tropics. What you could do rather would be to choose colours that match your skin shade and tone.


Choose footwear like sandals of all varieties and flip-flops along with climbing or trekking shoes if you are planning on any of those activities. When you are not engaged in these sporty activities wear footwear that will allow your feet to breathe as it can get really hot wearing covered boots and shoes for the whole day.

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