Gift Ideas for a Sports Fan

We all have a sports fan in our groups of friends. And they prefer their collection of spots posters and key chains better than any gift they will receive. So why not give them something they will truly adore on their next birthday or even on Christmas. Here are some of the best gifts you can give to a sports lover.

Sweaters and Jerseys

Do they have a favourite sportsman or a sportswoman? Or a favourite team? Then giving them a sweater or a jersey of their favourite player or their favourite team is one of the best gifts you can come up with. You can easily buy them from a sports equipment shop or even get them custom made. This is the ideal gift if your friend likes to boast about their favourite team and support them at any chance she/ he gets.


Getting them a poster of their favourite team is another idea for a gift. You can buy these posters from a local shop, online or you can simply make an attractive collage yourself. Collect images of their favourite player from old magazines and newspapers. Get them all together into one poster. A DIY poster will have its own personalized look as well. Give them the poster on their birthday and see it goes up in their wall. There are also poster collection books you can buy. These will include photographs taken from some of the most amazing unbelievable moments of sports history.

Tickets to a Game

Get them the tickets to their favourite sports event. Check sports event dates before and book the tickets. Whether this is basketball, cricket or AFL tickets, make sure to book them early so that you don’t have to worry about finding tickets in the last minute. Give them to your friend on the special day and see their surprise. You can also choose to drive them to the game venue on their birthday to make them even more surprised.

Portable Nets

If your friend is a basketball player is a basketball fan who likes to try taking a shot once in a while, a portable net is a good gift from them. Portable net is a great solution for public park basketball hoops that have been without nets for a while. You can attach the net while you are playing and remove it and take it home with you once you are done. This is a great gift for basketballs players who needs to practice their shooting regularly and aspiring basketball players as well.

Sports Bags

If your friend is a sports person themselves, you can gift them a sports bag where they can put all their sports gear. Whether they are a football player, a cricketer, basketball player or a netball player, they will have a lot of sportswear and equipment that they need to carry when they go for practice. Get them a bag that is spacey and strong with also strong straps that can hold all the gear. This will be one of the most useful gifts a sportsperson can receive.

Giving your friend what they like and what is truly useful to them will make you one of their favourite friends ever and will also strengthen your friendship.

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