How Do You Treat Calluses?

Everyone has to deal with calluses at least once in their lives. They’re a nuisance we’ve gotten used to. However, there are many ways you can deal with them. Below, we’ll be discussing some of these remedies. So, keep reading.

A Visit To The Podiatrist

If you have calluses, the best form of treatment is a visit to the podiatrist. Their job is to maintain the health of your feet- calluses compromise its health so they have various tricks to deal with them. The most common form of treatment a podiatrist would use is cutting the excess skin off.

Calluses are just excess skin that has hardened around the edges. So, you can cut them off, freeing your foot from its grasp. Hence, podiatrists cut the excess skin off with their scalpels.

Some podiatrists could be specialized in treating calluses and corns. For example, Toorak Village Podiatry is known for servicing all surrounding suburbs with their specialty.

If you’re thinking of doing this at home, don’t. If you do, you’ll be hurting yourself as you’re not experienced with a scalpel so you might cut too deep.

Pumice Stones

Pumice stones are a great way to deal with calluses. Although, not as effective as cutting it off with a scalpel.

That being said, the stones are hard rock that you can use to grind against the excess skin. The rock’s rough surface would grind the layers of tough skin, freeing the dead skin trapped in it. If you continuously use it, you’ll grind it down.

However, it can be painful. The calluses can be rock hard so exerting pressure on them through the pumice stone would be uncomfortable for you. Unfortunately, you have to bear it if you want to see results. Thankfully, the discomfort lessens as you keep using it.

Foot Files

The files work similarly to pumice stones. However, they do a more thorough job of exfoliating the layers of dead skin. Because it has a rougher surface.

If your callus is very tough, don’t expose it to a foot file right away. Frankly, this would be too painful. Instead, you should soak your feet so you soften the hardened area.

Special Creams

If you aren’t aware, there are creams you can add to the thickened skin. They do the same job as pumice stones and foot files but passively at a slower pace. These exfoliating creams eat away at the calluses, using a concoction of chemicals to wither the tough layers away.

Unfortunately, they do the job slowly as you may only see results after a few weeks. Additionally, they can be expensive as good quality creams to treat calluses are made from a myriad of pricey chemicals.

Baking Soda Pastes

If you can’t afford any of the above remedies, you can utilize baking soda. With it, you can make an exfoliating cream that rivals some of its competitors.

To make the paste, you’ll need to mix baking soda with water as well as a form of acid. Most commonly, lime juice is used. If not, you can opt for vinegar.

As you can see, there are many remedies for treating calluses. Hopefully, you found the above suggestions useful, utilizing them soon,

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