How to Organize Your Office Supplies

In order to make your office environment a pleasant place to work in, it has to be well organized and well maintained.  Whether it is an office room in your workplace or in your home, cleanliness is one thing that you have to be conscious about. Here are some ideas to follow to keep your office supplies neat and organized.


You can start cleaning out your office room by sorting out the items around you. The easiest way to sort them out is by how often you use them. Keep the items you use almost every day, such as your laptop, pens and the files that you are working on, close by. Store them on the drawer or any other place within arm’s reach. Items that you use weekly or monthly does not have to be closer to your working table. For this, you can use separate cupboards or shelves. Any item that you haven’t used in a while and is sure will not be using again, get rid of them immediately.

Get Rid of Extra Items

Sometimes you might have several types of substitute stationary, all of them that can be used for the same purpose. If you are someone who is used to type your to-do lists, letters and drafts, then there is no need to keep a notebook on your table. If you are using the calculator in your computer or mobile phone, then you won’t need a separate calculator on your table. If you have a stapler, paper clips, bulldog clips, then stick to one type of fastener and clean out your table of the rest of the extra items.

Minimal Desktop

It is stated even by many psychologists that minimal desktop is one way to reduce stress at work. Piles and piles of files and other stationery on your table will only add to your stress. Store additional files – like the ones you have already completed or the ones that you will have to complete in future – on separate shelves and not on your tables. Depending on the space of your office room, you can get shelves designed to store these items. If you are looking for a good storage cupboard, shelf or a design for one, check out some good websites such as Betterstorage website for cool ideas.

Get Stationery Organizers

Books and files are not the only things that need organizing. Plastic drawer organizers, pen holders, stationery trays and other small-item organizers are great ways to keep your desktop clean and neat. You can buy these items at any local store for the cheapest prices. If you want to save some money or if you are into DIY stuff, you can even make these items by yourself by getting some old trays, glass jars or tin cans together. For a better look, colour coordinate them with the colour theme of your office room.

In addition to these ideas, you can start cleaning your office rooms daily, dusting off the desktop, shelves and chairs. Vacuum the floors and remember to keep a trash can for any unwanted items you want to throw away.

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