How To Upgrade Your Student’s Schooling Experience

The majority of a child’s learning experience lies in the successful functioning of their environment- and in this instance, that environment would be a classroom. There are many traditional ways of designing a classroom but there’s definitely more we could be doing in terms of creating a more learner-friendly space for children. Here are some ways you can go about identifying and improving your children’s’ classroom needs.


You may be thinking we’re referring to professional advice? Oh no, some of the best of ideas come from those little thinkers in your own classroom. In fact, they’ll probably dish out some solutions that you didn’t even come close to thinking of. Ask them what they think helps them learn in the classroom and (with better phrasing of course) what distracts them.

Clear Up

Just because you need to decorate your classroom with interesting, educational items don’t mean you have to go overboard. Step into your classroom and do a thorough analysis. Find at least 10 things that can be removed from the class. Cluttering the classroom with too much visual interest is stimulation overload and frankly, just makes it really stuffy. If you take 10 things away for a week and you find that you were able to live without them that means you didn’t really need them to begin with!


Ideally, you’d have a class only with 20 students but in current times, the numbers tend to exceed 30. This only increases the chances of disciplinary issues going unnoticed and doesn’t allow the teacher to focus enough on individuals, which often means that while the teacher is exceeding her capacities, the struggling students are also falling further behind. You have no option but to work on making more space and what better way to do it than by hiring a modular setup instead of going through the hassle of an old fashioned construction process. Affordable, fast and made out of quality materials, a portable classroom hire throughout Melbourne is the right option for you!


Re-think your seating arrangements to spice things up in the classroom. You don’t have to invest in new furniture, bean bags and the like to create a modern learning space. Instead of placing your tables from left to right as is standard procedure in a traditional classroom, perhaps create a boardroom style class where tables face each other instead! Really, the choice is up to you but get started and move things around!


It’s no longer enough for children to sit in class and absorb what you tell them. They need to be inspired, they need to be able to work well with others- the perfect way to go about this is a collaboration space, perhaps by pushing a bunch of chairs together, clearing up a shelf of any books and basically creating a space for them to let their creative juices out.

These are the best ways you can enhance a student’s experience in school and bring out the very best in them!

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