Smart Ways to Level Up Your Basic Fashion Style with a T-Shirt

If there’s a staple wardrobe in your closet that you should never ignore, that is your collection of T-shirts. Among the many clothing types, the t-shirts are the easiest to mix and match. You can go formal and casual with t-shirts as your top and pair it with any bottom clothing available in your closet. But before you assemble a match of t-shirt and any bottom, you should also be aware of two things: the t-shirt’s fabric (by fiber) and the t-shirt’s design (plain or printed).

The T-Shirt’s Fabric (By Fiber)

There are five basic types of fabrics. These are linen, wool, worsted, silk, and cotton. The most common type of fabric that is being worn more often by people when it comes to a t-shirt is cotton and silk. Cotton comes with other popular variants such as cotton spandex and polyester cotton. Many buy t-shirts made in cotton for the reason that it is cheap but at the same time comfortable and breathable. However, compared to t-shirts made from silk, it lacks luster and resiliency as it wrinkles easily.


On the other hand, silk is becoming more popular when it comes to silk t shirts for womens. For men and women with sensitive skin, silk fabric is their number choice when it comes to t-shirt because of its hypoallergenic characteristics. It is durable and flexible which makes it a well-loved fabric for important legacy and heirloom pieces as well as gowns and dresses.


The T-Shirt’s Design (Plain or Printed)

Your t-shirt can either be plain in a solid color or print. The design of the t-shirt has a great impact on the kind of style you want to set your identity with. It also has to go with your personality and attitude because fashion becomes good if you know how to carry yourself.

Typically, plain t-shirts describe versatility, classic and practicality because you can pair it with almost anything. While including printed t-shirts as part of your fashion ensemble could mean a lot based on the prints you have chosen.

Checkered – a T-shirt with checkered print offers a deep and rich vibe as this can be associated with the herringbones or the royalty in England that flaunts their bold buffalo styles.

Stripes – T-shirts with stripes is one of the most popular print design of T-shirts because it fits the casual and contemporary style. The horizontal and vertical lines give refinement to the wearer making them look neat and classy.

Paisley – T-Shirts with paisley makes the t-shirt look like that there’s a lot of things going on. It is an intense design that you will need a matching apparel that is somewhat toned down.

In choosing the best t-shirt that will match your bottom clothing, it is important to identify the fabric of your t-shirt and its design. Sometimes, being uncomfortable with what you wear affects how you carry yourself. The fabric is expected to make you feel comfortable while the design will give emphasis to the image you want to express.

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