The Importance of Buying A High Chair For Your Baby or Toddler

Some parents overlook the need for high chairs even if it is one of the pieces of furniture vital for new parents. High chairs make feeding babies and toddlers easier. Parents or sitters could spoon feed the child while standing or sitting down since the chair is raised from a high distance to match the adult’s height. High chairs are stable that no matter how restless the child may be, they would not be able to rock the chair down. Seatbelts and safety straps are also built in for extra security. High chairs also have a tray attached to the armrest for adults to place the food in.

Aside from the obvious reason of making feeding time easier, the below list enumerates why owning a high chair is necessary.

High Chairs Include the Child During Mealtime

New babies on a family that already has children especially young ones may be the cause of jealousy. But during meal time when all family members are present, including the babysitting on a high chair, young children could see and feel that the baby is their sibling and is part of the family. This one is particularly necessary for families who consider mealtime as a sacred time for the whole family to be together. This value would also be instilled on the baby at such a young age.

High Chairs Teach the Child to Become Independent

Having a high chair teaches the baby early on to become independent when it comes to feeding themselves. Older babies and younger toddlers copy everything that adults do. Letting them eat by themselves while sitting on their high chair would teach them to be self-reliant, help them become aware of the food they are eating and develop their motor skills. It is also a way for them to learn new things like colour, food texture, taste and the name of fruits and vegetables.

High Chairs Are Easier to Sanitize

Babies feeding themselves could be messy and frustrating. Spoons dropping and cups spilling is a normal occurrence. This is to be expected and even encouraged since your baby is trying their best. To make cleaning easier, sit your baby in a high chair so the mess would be contained in that one chair only instead of letting the baby sit in the dining table. Some of the trays installed on high chairs australia are also detachable for easier cleaning and the seat covers could also be removed for washing.

High Chairs Improve the Child’s Behaviour When Eating Out

Eating out on restaurants and fast food chains could be stressful when you have a baby in tow. But a baby who is used to eating by themselves on a high chair would be cheerier and friendly since they know once they are seated on a high chair that its meal time. They would be more behaved and less likely to throw a tantrum and disrupt other diners.

With benefits such as these, it is easier to see why high chairs are necessary and should be one of the furniture you must purchase as soon as you started having kids.

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