Things to Remember When Working in A Lab

Working in a lab is serious business, following set safety rules and regulations are not something to compromise on and there will be serious consequences if this is not abided by. You could face legal consequences as well depending on the extent to which the rules and regulations were not followed. To is important to remember that these rules and regulations are set based on the type of work handled and the seriousness of the work and to avoid following them through will not only put yourself at risk but everyone else around as well. For example, if you do not contain a certain bacterium that you working with taking necessary precaution and if you don’t wear your safety gear, you could potentially contaminate yourself with a disease and thus spread it among your friends, family and colleagues. If this is a simple bacterium such as the ones that causes sore throat resulting in mild health repercussions you would probably not have caused too much of trouble but imagine introducing a whole new strain of bacteria modified in a lab onto people, the deadly effects of such a scenario is unimaginable and so precaution must be taken very seriously.

Make Sure Your Measurements Are Accurate

The work you do in the lab determines your results and conclusions drawn on hypotheses that were created. In order to obtain reliable information and reach a valid conclusion, your test data needs to be accurate. The data you collect could be in the form of measurements and so it is very important to ensure that all your equipment is properly calibrated. You could hire professional companies that do industrial scale calibration in Queensland and have all your equipment calibrated appropriately. This will ensure that you get proper results as all your measurements are accurate. It is also important to avoid human errors when taking measurements, that is, you must be careful on how you actually read your data, say for example, for a titration if you read the level of the liquid on the measuring cycling at the bottom your result will be different top when it is read on the top. It is essential that you have ample knowledge of what you are doing.

Lab Coats and Protective Goggles Are A Must – No Excuses

No matter what type of microorganism you are dealing with or you could even be dealing with a plant, you could assume it to be harmless and prevent wearing these safety gear. This is absolutely wrong lab etiquette, you wear these things for a reason.

You need you lab coat to prevent any toxic or acidic spills from reaching your skin and same goes for your eye goggles, also the material from which the lab coat is prepared is quite resistant to fire and so for instance, if you accidentally place your hand under the flame of a Bunsen burner you can be assured that you won’t be burnt instantly. Wearing gloves when you handle chemicals and microorganisms is another very important thing to remember, you most certainly do not want anything common into contact with your skin and risking potential contamination.

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