Tips for Hiring a Male Stripper

You can have the best time ever by hiring a stripper for your friend’s hen party. By hiring a stripper to come to your location of choice instead of going to the strip club will give you a more intimate experience. If you know your friend is looking forward to having a stripper at her party, you can do a little research on what strip clubs are nearby and provides such as service.

Once you have decided on having a stripper for the party, you have to think about who will be in attendance. Your friends will be fine with the entertainment but if the mother of the bride, groom’s sisters or anybody else’s mother is in attendance, it is best to be a bit more cautious. You can find a male stripper on that can do a tasteful tame strip tease. You can also check about the costumes that you can request. Different strippers will be using different costumes or themes so it is better to get this decided beforehand. If you know your friend prefers a certain theme, you can certainly choose one who specialises in that. It is best that you limit the number of invitations that you send out so that you have a small party with great interaction.

You can choose whether you are going to a strip club or hiring them to come to a location that you have prepared. You can weigh the pros and cons of each decision before confirming. If you have a larger crowd, a strip club can accommodate them more easily. Also, you will have a lot more male strippers in attendance in the club. There are great performances that happen in a club including choreographed dances, cabaret and athletic performances. If you don’t stay close to a strip club, then it can be a bit difficult to travel. It is best to stay near accommodation when you’re at a hen party as you will be able to reach the destination quickly and safely. But drinks can be quite expensive in a strip club and you will have to sort out the logistics of getting all invitees to the location.

The stripper will focus more on the bride in an intimate setting and you will be able to get cheaper drinks as well. You can ensure the safety of the attendees as there is no logistics to contend with. But when you hire a stripper or number of strippers, you may not have a long duration for the performance. You can request for rates by the hour and see what the budget that the bridal party can go with. You can find a male stripper by checking online for strip club websites or visit a local strip club and ask them for their services. Once you confirm where you’re hiring the stripper from, you can clarify other details such as what service you should provide, rules to follow, whether the stripper will take off all his clothing and whether he will bring his own music.

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