Tips To Plan a Tattoo Convention

Planning a tattoo convention is easy right? Not really if you look at it correctly but there is also no reason for this to be something that is stressful. If you have a clear direction and plan and you know what you really want you should be able to even have fun with the planning of the convention. If you are somebody who is either an artist who is planning the convention or if you are somebody who has been given the responsibility of the planning here are some of the main details that you should think about when you plan this convention.

Where Will You Be Holding The Convention?

One of the main factors that you need to work on before anything else is where the convention will be held. Remember that this is a convention which means that there will be a lot of people coming in and not only from your country for that matter. You will need to have a large space available that can accommodate everybody even if it gets crowded and that venue should be easily accessible. There should be parking spaces and even if that is not available there should be areas to park in the vicinity of the venue. You should also have a certain amount of staff to hand so that people who come in and the artists who are taking part in the convention are looked after and facilitated for with whatever they may require.

Is There Anything That Will Give It An Extra Edge?

Ink by nature is edgy. Even though it has become more and more socially accepted over the past several years it is still a fringe subject on many levels. In a convention where you have ink veterans and novices coming in alike, maintaining the right ambiance that will give it a better edge is also important. You should ideally look at entertainment such as Airwize Pyrotechnic Displays or something that packs a punch at the event. Always look for something powerful that will complement the level of impact and personality that the subject of the event will have and in this case, it will be a tattoo convention. When you choose the entertainment do a little bit of research on conventions that have been held before and the kind of entertainment that has been used in those events so that you can get some inspiration as well.

How Will You Get The Artists To Come In On That Day?

If you are a tattoo artist you know how busy and packed your schedule gets. If you are not one but are planning the event you should really know what kind of work and life balance that artists have in order for you to invite them over to the convention. If you do not let them know about this on time, they will not be able to join you as they would have made prior commitments and usually artists book their appointments months in advance. So always plan ahead and give them enough and more time to plan out their schedules.

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