Top 3 Makeup Mistakes To Avoid

In today’s era, where social media and the number of trends that emerge on these social networking sites happen to have taken over the lives of people, there happens to be a large part of the community that seems to be interested in makeup. Over the years, the number of makeup brands has increased as companies seem to be launching several new products in order to compete with each other. If you happen to be obsessed with makeup but cannot seem to get it right like the beauty gurus on social media, then it’s time to ensure that you avoid making these mistakes.

Using The Wrong Foundation

The first thing to keep in mind is that your base is the most important aspect of the entire look. If this is not suitable for your skin type and color then you can be assured that the rest of the makeup will be melting off in no time. Therefore, make sure you use a primer followed by a foundation that is suitable for your skin type. Oily skin types usually require a matte foundation whereas using a hydrating formula for dry skin would be ideal. Apart from this, you must ensure that the shade that you choose is right as it has to match your skin tone. Avoid testing the color at the back of your hand as this will not provide the right color indication. Try testing around the neck area as this is closer to the face and the skin is usually the same color there.

Going Overboard With The Makeup

Sometimes, you must keep in mind that “less is more”. You might think that lathering on layers of foundation and eyeshadow will make you look gorgeous whereas it could possibly have the opposite effect. At times, a simple concealer and lipstick with a touch of mascara should the trick that a smoky eye and thick foundation cannot do. Therefore, make sure you choose the amount of makeup based on the occasion. If you are going to be spending time outdoors, skip the heavy makeup and go minimal as it will end up melting in due to the heat.

Focus On The Eye Area

Generally, people tend to notice the eyes of an individual first. Therefore, you could use this to your advantage and accentuate this area. A thick kohl to outline your eyes and make them look bigger or a good quality mascara to volumize the lashes should do the trick. However, you must ensure that your brow mantra is to avoid highlighting your brows too much and trying your best to stick to the natural shape and color while filling in the gaps and slightly shaping them up.

Sometimes, you may be investing in the best makeup products on the market, yet failing to achieve the desired looks. This is because it’s not too difficult to spend a fortune on expensive makeup. However, it will take a great deal of patience and practice to learn the right techniques required to achieve the picture-perfect makeup looks that you see on social media every day. Make sure you avoid making these mistakes and you will be mastering the art of makeup in no time!

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