Top 3 Race Day Fashion Mistakes To Avoid

So you’re super excited for race day and all the fun that is going to take place has got everyone talking about it, but what if this fun event can turn out to be a nightmare for you? Well, this could actually happen if you end up arriving at the event looking like a joker! Most people know how competitive it is at such events as people try to look their best and compete for the most fashionable looks. If you happen to be attending race day this year, then it’s time to get your fashion game in order and make sure you avoid making these mistakes.

Wearing the Wrong Footwear

It cannot be stressed enough how important it is to wear comfortable footwear! You might think that your six-inch stilettos are a perfect match for the stunning dress that you’re wearing but what’s the point wearing heels that can barely walk in? Therefore, make sure you avoid opting for stilettos that will keep sinking into the turf as it will make it very difficult for you to walk on grass and make it seem as though you can wobble more than you can walk. Therefore, opt for platform heels or clogs that have a wider base and won’t sink into the grass. However, if you are sure that you will be spending all in the stands, then you can always opt for your stunning stilettos, but it would be better to avoid taking the risk.

Choosing the Wrong Dress

There is no such thing as a “wrong dress”! However, there are dresses that can be unsuitable for that specific occasion thus making it a “wrong dress” for that event. Make sure you avoid wearing something that is too short as you might have sit on the grass at some point and this can be quite uncomfortable to do if you happen to be wearing a mini dress that shows off everything underneath. Moreover, avoid wearing something that barely covers your body as the weather can be quite cold. If you happen to be wearing such a dress, make sure you carry your jacket along with you in case it gets too chilly. You can find the dresses that are in trend for race day by searching online for spring carnival and racewear dresses and you will find a number of options that cater to your requirements.

Not Being Prepared For the Sun

Since you are going to be spending most of your day out in the sun, it is important to be prepared. Make sure you wear a good sunscreen and carry a pair of shades that will protect your eyes from the sun rays so that you don’t have to spend the entire day squinting while trying to watch the race. Apart from this, make sure you avoid wearing too much makeup that can melt in the sun and opt for something light and comfortable that can withstand the heat.

Who would want to be voted as the worst dressed amongst the guests at the event or even worse, appear in one of the magazines that are covering the event, as the worst dressed guest? Obviously no one would want that for themselves. So, unless you don’t mind going through this, make sure you step up your fashion game and avoid making these mistakes that will make you look like a fashion disaster.

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