Top Tips for Hiring a Boat in Sydney

Thinking about hiring a boat to explore Sydney by sea? Australia’s famous coastal city has plenty of by-the-sea locations and natural formations like coves you can explore. However, renting a marine vessel can be a challenge, especially if you are a foreigner. Therefore, keep these tips in mind when you are looking for a boat rental in Sydney:

Start with a Web Search

There are plenty of boat rental companies in Sydney. The best way to look for ones that meets your need is to perform a Google search. It will be a great starting point. However, calling the local tourism office is another fool proof method—one that will help you avoid scam websites. You should sort through the search results and check out websites like to get more information about the services provided. Read customer reviews and testimonials while you are at it to choose the top boat rental services that can cater to your group’s needs.

Ask for a Captain

Hiring a boat with a captain is the best way to enjoy the trip without any setbacks. Boating companies have very strict regulations regarding how far the boat can go and which route it can take. Therefore, it’s best to rent the boat with the captain even if you have pervious boating experience. Besides, it will only give you more time to fully enjoy the outing.

Choose the Size of the Boat Carefully

Most boat renters choose type of the boat they want based on the number of people travelling. You may just choose a big boat just for the experience. However, the size of the shop should mostly depend on where you plan to take it. If a boat trip is going upriver, then the boat size must fit on the waterways you will be traversing. You will have to discuss with the rental company what the ideal boat size would be for your group. Keep in mind that some routes will be inaccessible because of boats that are either too large or too small.

Think about the Type of Boat

As awesome as it sounds to tour the Sydney Harbour on a ship, it won’t necessarily be possible to choose the boat you want. Some boats are naturally better suited for touring, like deck or bowrider boats. Larger boats like pontoons are great for parties and big groups. Depending on your travel plans, it’s worthwhile to think about the type of boat you want to hire as well.

Is the Boat Trailer-able?

If you plan on driving the vessel to the pier yourself, make sure to ask for a boat that can be trailed. Some boats are moored at the marina, which is definitely the most convenient options for the travellers. So don’t forget to ask about how the boat gets to the docks before signing up for a rental agreement.

Safety First

Boat rides should be fun, but above all it should be safe. You must ask the rental service about the safety measures on board to prevent any accidents. Ask them about safety equipment they keep on the boat. They must have life vests and first aid boxes. Don’t think about money when it comes to safety.

Use the above tips to choose the best boat rental service that meets your every need.

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