Ways to Maintain Your Vehicle

Like anything elseit’s very important to maintain your car to ensure its proper functioning in the long run. Neglected service of your car not only spoils its look but also result in malfunctioning of the car. Cleaning and maintaining your car are very important.

Change Your Oil and Filter

The first thing you need to do is change the oil and filter, look through the manual of the car for the type oil the car uses and get it purchased while you are at it you can even get the recommended oil filter. Then you have to drain the oil, you can perform this procedure by yourself, using a jack raise your vehicle, to a level where you can slide under, your manual will show where the oil plug is located. Have your engine started till the temperature has risen to a quatre to ensure faster oil drainage.

After you have located the oil plug place a pan underneath, using a wrench remove the oil plug and let it drain completely once it has drained completely clean the surface and put back the oil plug and tightly close it , you can find the oil filter close by or use the manual to find it, remove the old filter and put it away in the pan the oil drained, find he “oring “of the new oil filter and grease it with some oil and place it back.

Replace Oil

Open the hood of the car and locate the engine oil ca and pour oil to the designated amount and secure the engine oil cap. Start the engine to ensure the circulation of the replaced oil ad check the oil level using the dipstick


The interior of the car should also be kept neat and tidy. Remove all the garbage from your vehicle, vacuum the car fabric protection seats and the carpets using a cleaner. Clean the insides of your window and windshield, the dash board and wash the outside of the car as well using a car washing liquid.


Make sure the brake pads are working properly, for this you have to remove your tyres, if your car is already jacked so that both tyres are off the ground, use a wrench to unbolt all the lugs and check your brake pad. If there is enough pad you can bolt the tyres back in. If you notice that your brake pads are worn out you can replace it by yourself or have it replaced at a repair shop.

Check Tyre Pressure

Using a pressure gauge check the pressure in all four tyres, be aware of the psi of the tyre this would be mentioned in the manual, don’t fill it to the psi found in the tyre as that’s the maximum pressure required to carry the heavy load, after checking the pressure inflate it if required. To get an accurate reading it’s better to check the pressure of the tyre after some period of rest that is when you haven’t driven it for a few hours.

Check the fluid

Keep an eye on the antifreeze and whipper fluid, the cap of both with their pictures can be found under the hood.

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